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Water treatment

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Water treatment

Application range:
Filter out sediments such as sand and algae in raw water such as lake water, groundwater, seawater and reservoir water
Pre-filter as a membrane separation system
Filter air conditioning system and compressor circulating cooling water and frozen water
Capturing ion exchange resins, circulating cooling water treatment during ironmaking, coking, steelmaking, steel rolling, casting and other processes in the steel industry, protecting nozzles and molds, etc.
Water reuse

Remove contaminated particles to stabilize water quality and meet standards
Save on the amount of chemicals such as resist, rust inhibitor
Improve heat exchange efficiency
Reduce wastewater treatment costs, save energy and reduce emissions
Extend membrane tube life and recoil time
Remove particulate impurities, prevent clogging, wear and scaling of pipelines, heat exchangers, valves, etc., reduce the amount of chemicals
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